Search Re-targeting Intelligence.

Pinpoint your audience and understand who they are in real-time. Digital marketing at its best.

Engage audiences with perfectly targeted ad campaigns

Search re-targeting Intelligence


What is search re-targeting intelligence?

Search-retargeting allows advertisers to target potential customers based on their searches conducted in websites search-bars.

Your prospects can be targeted at the level of search/intent with true-intent search-terms.

By supplying us with key-search-words (not to get confused with google-ads or SEO), we can identify potential clients, based on their specific online searches, breaking it down to real-time intent-data.

We have the most advanced purpose-built Native DSP in the market, offering our clients truly unparalleled performance.

We can help you pinpoint your prospects, understand who they are, and target them directly by placing an optimized real-time ad with our purpose-built Native DSP (Demand Side Platform).

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why use search-retargeting?


Intent = Real-time online-searches

Identity = Target group demographics

Reach the right audience

With search-retargeting, you display ads precisely to people who have recently searched for your product or service.

Higher conversion rates

Because it targets users who have recently shown an interest in what you have to offer, search-retargeting performs better compared to standard display advertising campaigns that focus on demographics (identity).

Lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Advertisers using SEM (Google ads, Bing ads, Yahoo Gemini, etc. ) as a marketing strategy have high competition, which makes search expensive.

Search-Retargeting provides the same level of interest on a larger scale, ensuring a lower acquisition cost.

More extensive Exposure For Your Ads

Classic «Search Engine Marketing» allows you to reach your customers only when they search. With Search-Retargeting, you show your offer more than once, getting more extensive exposure.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We work with unique 1st party, meaning that isn’t available in 3rd party aggregators. 

However having access to 1st party data is not enough, you really need to understand the data that you have access to.

In other words, data from a search-engine is completely uncategorized. Words can be in all sorts of categories, spelling, languages and so forth. 

We are using a multi-layer dictionary which helps us understand all searches and intent.

Nevertheless, search alone isn’t proof of intent. The context of the search is important, to get the right quality of intent. 

It has to go in hand with data such as geo, browsing, context, frequency and time spent on site.

We have very strong quality search-data on a very granular level.

Amount of users that do online searches before purchasing any product.
Users say paid search-ads makes it easier to find the info. you are searching for.
On-line viewers that consider ad products shown on another site.
The World E-commecre market has increased by (2010-2019)

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