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Insurance Brand Programmatic

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To drive insurance quotes for all product categories through the company website, whilst balancing 3 goals:

  • Viewability %
  • Fraud prevention
  • Cost Per Quote (CPQ) under 0.50p.
Target- Audience

In-market Insurance seekers looking for a best-in-market price across product categories from Energy to Pets.

Approach / Strategy

effective prospecting whitelist was built using the platform´s proprietary Domain Discovery tool, which profiles browsing habits of site visitors via on site pixels in order to curate a list of highly visited sites to prospect new customers across.


  • Viewability Whitelist:

Produced from top viewability domains with the highest conversion rates, further supported by View-Duration Pre-Bid Targeting.

This market-first solution is based on the average duration time that an ad is actually in view for – Enabling advertisers to target by attention.


  • Brand Safety:

Pre-screening blocks against medium and high-risk content as part of a robust brand safety default blacklist that is regularly updated by JICWEBS/ABC brand safety initiative and verification via DoubleVerify to achieve the leading campaign blockrate.


  • Top of media plan

Top of media plan involving 4 other partners to most effectively balance multiple KPIs with performance.


  • Increased conversions

Increased post-click conversion rate by 66% within a single month of using View-Duration targeting.


  • High block rate

Maintained a block-rate consistency ahead of target, demonstrating strong Brand safety controls.

**  Due to contractual reasons we are not allowed to disclose exact information.



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