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Healthcare: Performance at scale for hard to reach audience

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Endorfinas-Marketing London partner, partnered-up with leading healthcare agency to deliver Geo-specific campaign against limited target-audience. Exceeding against KPIs in the process.

Healthcare campaigns are traditionally tricky to scale digitally, as they require specific targeting to minimise media wastage. This often makes optimising such campaigns more challenging.

Target- Audience

  • Young healthcare professionals
  • Specific job titles within healthcare 
  • Health-conscious professionals

Approach / Strategy

A blend of a broad range of targeting strategies to ensure maximum reach and engagement, within highly relevant audiences.

  • User Domain Profiling

Mapped existing first party users´ browsing behaviour to create a domain list of sites popular with existing converting users.

  • Behavioural Targeting ( icono Targeting )

By working with key data specialists in both the B2B and B2C sectors, scalable data sets were created for each key profession.

  • Geo Targeting ( icono Geo-target)

Using the location of bid opportunities allowed for targeting of users within a fixed radius of key locations.


Even though being a challenging task, by combining the multi-targeted approach, we were able to find a scalable solution, to a limited brief. 

That allowed us to not only deliver against the target-audience within the confines of three specific geographical locations but also have enough surplus inventory to optimise the campaign efficiently. 

The multi-target approach resulted in a CTR 25% (click-through rate) higher than industry benchmarks, and a CPA (Cost Per Aquisition) below target by 13%.

(graph average indications + endorfinas performance comparing to the market average, both CTR and CPA)

***  Due to contractual reasons we are not allowed to disclose exact information.



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