Amazon DSP

A great way to find a contextual audience that is actively looking for your product or service.

Engage and Target Audiences With Amazon Insights

Amazon DSP

Amazon Dsp

What is Amazon DSP?

There are now two sides to Amazon Advertising. The «Advertising Console» which is the regular product display, sponsored products, an so forth. 

And on the other hand you have the» AMAZON DSP.» (Demand Side Platform)

The AMAZON DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a partner based advertising platform that lets advertisers buy display & video ad placements in the Amazon ecosystem, and take advantage of the data of more than 300million Amazon users.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why use amazon dSP?

Get access to up to 10 years of buying-behaviour and consumer-data on more than 300 million Amazon users.

Amazon a Paradise for Shoppers and Advertisers Alike

Unique 1st party data

Access Amazons unique first-party data, to help automate and improve sales.

Reach a wider Audience

Use the Amazon Dsp to target qualified buyers from both inside and outside the Amazon platform to increase your sales.

Create an effective lookalike Audience

Use amazons 1st party data to create a lookalike audience based on your current email and customer database.

In-market segments

Build segments using in-market (activity-based) from over 2 billion products on the Amazon platform.

Precise targeting

Target your audience with precise-targeting across devices in various formats and real-time. With the Amazon Dsp.


Obtain comprehensive and unique audience insights & Performance analytics, from over 300million Amazon users.

Lower entry level

By working with an Amazon AAP partner you will get access to certified agent and lower entry-level for the Amazon Dsp platform.

Amazon insights *

Frequency, age, income, marital status, residential status, purchase behaviour, interests, repeat customer, day and time of repeat, product overlap.

*Advertiser need to run ads on the platform to access this information.


A Paradise for Shoppers and Advertisers Alike

Performance-based ad placement

You will automatically have your ads run on the best performing websites. As the AI continuously learns and improves so will your results.

Amazon a Paradise for Shoppers and Advertisers Alike

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

As Amazon is coming out with new features and is more competitive than ever, it’s highly recommendable for advertisers to either hire an expert or build an internal expert team to manage their ads, as it demands a great deal of time and testing to ensure advertisers success on the Amazon PPC / DSP platform.

Our track record proves that we can do that for you!

We will do advanced keyword research, keyword optimization, ensuring the best bid and to
enhance performance on your keywords

Budget reviews: We will help you enter the right budget size to attain prime performance.

Audience / Demographic / Overlap insights.
Find out the number of interactions and views of your brand, if a product has been put in the cart, customer age range, income bracket, marital status, residential status, time and day of browsing and purchases, product overlaps. To better understand audience behaviour or interests, shopping habits, repeat customer, duration of a repeat customer.

All the above data will help you to BETTER target new and old customers to improve your ROI and total sales.

Amazon CTR outperform traditional Display Ads CTR by
Product searches that originate on amazon
Amount of items sold on amazon prime day (2019)
175 million
Video ads are more likely to be clicked by

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Our mission is to understand consumer intent and search is the key indicator.



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